Since 2003 Eric Levin and Elevin Studios have grown to serve many national businesses, publications, and brands. Our team is comprised of highly talented individuals, from photographers to stylists, who are driven to make the impossible, possible. Three things we have in common - energy, creativity, and attention to detail.

In late 2007 we moved to a beautiful street-level studio just blocks from downtown where we have worked with notable subjects such as Morgan Freeman, Kanye West, The Boston Bruins and many, many more.

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Eric Levin - President



It was 2003, I had a punk rock band (Plan B) and no money. On a whim I decided to sell art prints on the side of Newbury Street. Little did anyone know it was the start of something much bigger.


I like making art of all kinds, building furniture out of wood and metal, snowboarding, skateboarding, camping, good conversation, quantum physics, racing sailboats, mountainbiking, fancy dinners, travel, projects of all sorts, dogs, cats, family, and friends.

Randy Gross - Studio Manager


I became a photographer not only because of my natural eye for finding the beauty in all things.,but also as a way to make a living without having to chain myself to the desk of corporate America.  I am an artist by nature- I can paint, draw, do it all- but there's something about being behind (and also in front of!) the camera that really brings me to life, and this vivaciousness permeates each photograph that I produce.

Through a stroke of luck I found Elevin photography, and over the past several years have come to consider it home.

Things I enjoy: reading, knitting, staring in a mirror

Ian Barnard - Videographer


I love light. I often find myself getting sidetracked driving down the street by the smallest ray of sun streaking through a broken piece of concrete or bouncing off a window. I've always wanted to be able to paint... but I admit I can't. Painting with light though... it always seemed to make sense to me. 

I sometimes feel like I've cheated the system when I realize that I’m paid to go out and meet fantastic people and take their picture. People are awesome and getting to peer into their world for a little bit in order to grab one frame of their life is truly a gift and I am humbled each day I get to wake up and do it again.

Lisa Pierpont - Producer


Lisa Pierpont is the founder and editor-in-chief of Boldfacers.com. Prior to Boldfacers.com, Lisa was a three-time Emmy Award-winning producer for the Chronicle show, a nightly newsmagazine on WCVB-TV, the ABC affiliate in Boston. Over her 15 year tenure, she produced half-hour shows on art theft and autism, the death penalty, last chance schools for troubled teens, and the inside workings of the Atlantic Monthly; boarded a freak-out supersonic flight on the Concorde, and survived a tricky landing on a tiny airstrip in St. Barth; profiled a Harvard professor hunting extraterrestrials, an author in search of his homeless father, and a child of Chernobyl seeking a new start in America. For the show, she traveled to all over the United States as well as Venice, London, Paris, and the Caribbean. A graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Lisa also contributes to various publications, including DailyCandy.com, Boston Common Magazine, the Boston Globe ("Ask the Sartorialist" columnist), Improper Bostonian and continues to freelance produce for Chronicle.

Alicia Savage - Business Development


I joined Elevin Studios as their coordinator in 2009 and took the role as business developer in early 2010. I am lucky enough to have a position I absolutely love while also being involved in an industry I am fascinated with. Outside of Elevin Studios I enjoy salsa dancing, sailing, indoor rock climbing, skiing, and much much more.

Auden Schmitt - Graphic Design


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Elizabeth Andrews - Studio Assistant


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